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Valletta Homes Privacy Statement

Anyone conducting business with us can be confident that we will adhere to the Privacy Act of 1988. This statement outlines our approach to the gathering, storing, and use of personal data.

Privacy Legislation Compliance

We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of our client’s personal information. This policy enhances and formalises our dedication to our clients. We abide by the 1988 Privacy Act of National Privacy Principles.

Our Collection of Personal Information

Anything that identifies a person is considered personal information. Depending on the specific interactions customers may have with us, we may collect different types of personal information.Your IP address and/or geographical data linked to your IP address may be collected, along with the material you view, the date and time you view it, the products you buy, and other information. The data we gather is put to use to enhance your experience and the appropriateness of adverts.

Our Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Anyone conducting business with us can be confident that we will adhere to the Privacy Act of 1988. This statement outlines our approach to the gathering, storing, and use of personal data.

Sharing Personal Information

We don't distribute your private information to third parties. Only when our contractors and service providers are assisting in the operation of our business or offering customer support may other organisations be granted access to our customers' personal information.


When you consent to be contacted, Valletta Homes may use your personal information to update your knowledge of our assortment of goods and services or to gauge how well we are meeting your needs. This could be done by phone, mail, email, SMS, social media, or another method. You have the right to ask that we not send you this information or material, and if you do not want to receive it, just let us know by contacting our office or by checking the unsubscribe button found on any of our electronic correspondence. After that, we will swiftly take you off of our contact list. Your personal information is not and will not be disclosed by Valletta Homes to any unaffiliated third party.

Our Website

Potential customers should not rely in any way on the computer-enhanced photographs on our website, which may only be suggestive of the dimensions, fittings, features, finishes, and specifications. Only a general overview of our offerings should be examined through our website.

Website Analytics

We may use "cookies" to enhance your visit to our site.  When a computer visits a website that uses cookies for the first time, a cookie may be stored on the user's computer (often in the browser software folder). Cookies are required to secure online transactions and make them easier.

We use cookies for different purposes such as:

Authentication: Determining whether a user is logged in in order to provide the appropriate features and services to that particular user.
Security: To apply security controls on a website is security. Cookies can also be used to identify odd and suspicious activity.
Advertising: To provide users and advertisers with a better advertising experience. Based on the user's browsing history, cookies assist advertisers in connecting with users who are likely to be interested in their products.
Performance: To assist our website in learning how various users interact with services and how to divide traffic among servers.
Analytics and Research: To find out which of our services are most commonly used and accessible, we use analytics and research. This makes it easier to decide which parts of our website and services to enhance, which to eliminate, and which to keep the same.

You can manually set your browser to reject cookies or manually remove any existing cookies from your hard disc if you ever decide that you no longer want to accept them. You might, however, find it difficult to access or utilise certain parts of our website if you delete or reject cookies.

Links to other websites may be found on our website. Please be advised that we have no control over these other websites' privacy policies. We suggest you to be informed and review the privacy policies of any other websites you visit from this one.

Additionally, social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others are interfaced with by If you decide to "like" or "share" content from this website using these services, you should carefully consider their privacy policies. The interfaces may let the social media site, if you are a member, link your visits to our site with other Personal Information.

Google Analytics

Our website makes use of Google Analytics, a programme that sends information about website traffic to Google servers in the US. Google Analytics does not link your IP address to any other data that Google holds, nor does it allow for the identification of specific users. In order to better understand website traffic and webpage usage, we employ the reports that Google Analytics provides.

We collaborate with businesses that gather data about your online activities to deliver advertising and informational content tailored to your interests and preferences using Google Analytics' third party audience data, such as age, gender, and interests. You might see particular advertisements on this website or other websites, for instance, because we have agreements with Google and other companies of a like nature to target our advertisements based on data we or they have collected, including data obtained through automated means (like cookies and web beacons). When you click on our adverts, these businesses also employ automated technology to gather information about you. This aids in tracking and managing the efficacy of our marketing initiatives.

By using this website, you agree that Google may treat your data in the ways and for the purposes set forth above in accordance with Google's Privacy Statement (external site). If you deny the cookie, turn off JavaScript, or utilise the opt-out feature offered by a Google external site, you can choose not to use Google Analytics.

By downloading and installing the browser add-on found at you can also stop Google from using the data collected by cookies about your use of the website (including your IP address) and from processing it.

Protection of Personal Information

We will make every effort to keep your personal information up to date and accurate, and we'll do everything in our power to keep it secure.

Your Access to Personal Information

Please call our head office at (02) 4326 0808 if you'd like a copy of the personal information that Valletta Homes has on file for you. There might be a need for personal identification.

Your Ability to Change Information

Please call our head office at (02) 4326 0808  if you would like to update or change any personal information.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

The right to modify this privacy statement is reserved by Valletta Homes. On our website,, an updated version of the Statement will be available.
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